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E-Bikes | The Podbike

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Sustainable Mobility Solution

  • electric assist up to 60 kilometers per hour
  • healthy environment as there is no pollution
  • combining the comfort and safety of a car with the training benefits of cycling
  • takes less space than a car
  • way lower costs than a car
  • exercise makes you feel good and keeps you healthy
  • 4 wheel stability
  • the roof keeps you dry, warm in winter, fresh in summer as it provides ventilation
  • provides you with fresh air in the cabin
  • park vertically
  • costs about 5000,00 €
  • coming in 2020

Key Facts – I love it!

  • saver than a bike
  • saves resources
  • no pollution
  • exercise
  • low cost
  • joy to ride up to 60 kilometers per hour



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