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What is a Web Developer, Short Developer?

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Most of the time, when people ask me, what I do and I tell them, that I am a Web Developer, they ask me: “Ah! Like a Web Designer?”, which kinda annoys me. So, here is the try to make clear the difference between a Web Developer and a Web Designer. A Web Developer or Developer/Programmer writes code, whereas a Web Designer creates content like drawing pictures, making movies or advertisement, for example. So, a Web Developer, Developer/Programmer writes the program with code and a Web Designer styles the program. The style of the Web Designer is embedded in the code by the Web Developer, Developer/Programmer.

Web Developement: Frontend Developer vs. Backend Developer

Web Developement is about web applications like websites, games and apps. In Web Developement there is a difference between a Frontend Developer and a Backend Developer. Typically, Frontend Developers do not code a lot, they mostly work with HTML and CSS, which are no programming languages. HTML contains the content of a website and CSS the style of a website. Frontend Developers make sure, that a website has a good usabilty and take care of the content. A Backend Developer is a programmer. Backend Developers code websites, games and apps, which are web applications.

What is the Difference Between Web Developer and Developer/Programmer?

A Developer/Programmer, compared to Web Developers (Frontend Developer & Backend Developer), creates all kinds of programs, in addition to web applications, also all kinds of software programs for all kinds of computers. Computers are everywhere. Cars have computers, cash points, your washing machine has a computer, dryer, TV, even your oven. On these computers are software to run the programs, which are implemented on the computer. The software of the program on the computer contain code. Developers/Programmers write this code. To sum it up, a Web Developer is for web applications and a Developer/Programmer is for all kinds of software programs.

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